FASTER® Series HNV: ISO-B Dust Protection

Item #: TFH18

Your Price: $3.08 / each ea
Listed Price: $3.08 / each ea
- Dust Protection PVC.
- Part numbers prefixed with TF suit Nipples
- Part numbers prefixed with TM suit Couplers

Series HNV Features:
- Connection: Pull back female sleeve.
- Disconnection: Pull back female sleeve.
- Shut off: Poppet Valve.
- Connect under pressure: NO
- Disconnect under pressure: NO
- Interchangeability: ISO 7241-1 Part B
- Seals: NBR (backup ring PTFE) [Carbon Steel]
- Seals: VITON (backup ring PTFE)[Stainless Steel}
- Temp: -25°C to +125°C [Carbon Steel]
- Temp: -20°C to +200°C [Stainless Steel]
- Testing: According to ISO 7241-2
- Also available on request: NPTF or UNF Female ORB Threads