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ARTA® APV - Wafer Sampling Valve

Technical Information

  • MaterialStainless Steel 316

ARTA® APV - Wafer Sampling Valve

The ARTA® APV in-line sampling valve allows companies to safely pull representative product samples directly from the process flow. The sampling valves can handle a broad spectrum of chemicals, including corrosive and hazardous media. All ARTA® samplers are air-tight according to the TA-Luft standards.

ARTA’s sampling solutions are specifically engineered to ensure the process operators' safety when handling potentially toxic chemicals and to protect the environment from hazardous exposure. For more than 50 years, the name has represented the pinnacle of quality and safety in industrial valve technology. The continuous process of innovation and the improvement of existing systems are the foundation of our approach to sampling valves.

The Deadman’s handle automatically turns off the valve when the product sampling is completed. ARTA® is certified in strict accordance with all relevant industrial standards and the construction and design of the sampling valves fully comply with the current PED (pressure equipment directive).

Product Specifications
- Connection: 1” ANSI 150#
- Mechanism: Deadman’s handle
- Material: 316 Stainless Steel, PTFE
- Certs: Air-tight according to the TA-Luft, complies with PED (pressure equipment

Cost(inc. GST)
25MM (1")
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