FASTER® Series VV: Screw to Connect Hydraulic Coupler

Item #: VV12GASF

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Listed Price: $49.69 / each ea
VV series couplings are very robust and reliable and allow to connect under residual pressure. Thanks to a double function sleeve it's also possible to connect a female part with either VV or NV male halves. Faster proprietary profile.
Series VV Features:
- Connection: Screw together.
- Disconnection: Unscrew apart.
- Shut off: Poppet Valve.
- Connect under pressure: YES under residual pressure
- Disconnect under pressure: YES under residual pressure
- Interchangeability: FASTER® Internal Standards
- Seals: NBR (backup ring PTFE) [Carbon Steel]
- Temp: -25°C to +125°C [Carbon Steel]
- Testing: According to ISO 7241-2
- Thread: BSP Female
- High grade carbon steel with heat treated wear parts.

- Also available on request: NPT Female Thread
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