External Crimped SS316 Ferrules

Item #: 4FC116-S316

Your Price: $356.13 / each ea
Listed Price: $356.13 / each ea
- Maximum working pressure 300psi/20 Bar
- Supplied with material test reports in accordance with EN:10204 3.1.
- Stainless Steel Ferrules are manufactured from grade ASTM 316/1.4404 Seamless Tube or Hollow Bored Bar and supplied - Natural Finish.
- Manufactured utilising design calculations to determine that the yield stress is sufficient to ensure that brittle fracture/premature failure will not occur.

Size Chart
75FC31-S316: to suit 31 to 32.5 mm O.D. Hose
1FC35-S316: to suit 35 to 36.5 mm O.D. Hose
1FC37-S316: to suit 37 to 38.5 mm O.D. Hose
125FC43-S316: to suit 43 to 44.5 mm O.D. Hose
125FC45-S316: to suit 45 to 46.5 mm O.D. Hose
15FC49-S316: to suit 49 to 50.5 mm O.D. Hose
15FC51-S316: to suit 51 to 52.5 mm O.D. Hose
2FC67-S316: to suit 67 to 68.5 mm O.D. Hose
2FC71-S316: to suit 71 to 72.5 mm O.D. Hose
25FC75-S316: to suit 75 to 76.5 mm O.D. Hose
25FC79-S316: to suit 79 to 80.5 mm O.D. Hose
3FC93-S316: to suit 93 to 95 mm O.D. Hose
3FC96-S316: to suit 95.5 to 97.5 mm O.D. Hose
4FC122-S316: to suit 122 to 124.5 mm O.D. Hose
4FC125-S316: to suit 125 to 127.5 mm O.D. Hose
4FC128-S316: to suit 128 to 129.5 mm O.D. Hose
5FC152-S316: to suit 152 to 154.5 mm O.D. Hose
6FC174-S316: to suit 174 to 176.5 mm O.D. Hose
6FC180-S316: to suit 180 to 182.5 mm O.D. Hose
8FC223-S316: to suit 223 to 225.5 mm O.D. Hose
8FC229-S316: to suit 229 to 231.5 mm O.D. Hose