Metric Joiners

Item #: 70-7111-00

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Philmac's 3G Metric is the latest innovation in compression fitting for joining metric polyethyelene pressure pipe. The third generation fitting includes Philmac's patented Slide & Tighten technology which makes installation as easy as inserting the pipe and tightening the nut. The unique product design also make dissasembly as easy as loosening the nut to remove the pipe. These compression fittings are manufactured from tough, high performance plastics providing excellent UV, impact and corrosion resistance. Globally released in 2005, 3G Metric has taken Australian design to the world. Australian made for Australian conditions.

- Slide & Tighten® technology
- Compact design
- Easy disassembly
- Dynamic sealing method
- Visual stop
- No loose components
- Designed to minimise pipe twist
- WaterMark approved and has WSAA appraisal
- Made from advanced thermoplastic materials
- Rated to 1600 kpa
- 50 year+ design life