Safelok® Reducing Joiner

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Providing a safe workplace is the obligation of every employer, no matter the industry. There are
fewer industries on the planet that are as demanding on pipelines as the mining industry, and
this can make providing a safe environment so much harder.

Recognising the tough conditions in the mining industry, Philmac has developed and is proud to
introduce a truly unique compression fi tting for the connection of polyethylene pipes - Safelok®.

Made from a special formulation of polypropylene for unrivalled strength and performance, and
with its distinct orange nuts for extra-high visibility, Safelok® truly is the safest compression fitting
on the planet.

- Air Line Safety
- Impact Resistant High Grade Polypropylene
- Slide & Tighten„¢
- Visual Stop
- No loose components
- Chemical Resistant EPDM Seals
- Designed to minimise pipe twist
- Rated to 1600 kpa
- 50 year+ design life